Jul 15, 2023

... Omar Pene also

Years went by, his voice remains one of the most beautiful and music still good...


Youssou Ndour is still in the game

 Just for fun



Dec 4, 2022

Sleeping...But Still Alive

 Just for fun and my huge passion for Super Diamono de Dakar.

Here are 2 songs from a live show in Gambia (1988).

So many thanks to Niels PW Jørgensen for shooting, editing and sharing these pecious pearls.



Mar 29, 2020

Ceddo - Sangul (1996)

1996 (Tape rip@320)

1 - Wecit Faak
2 - Sangul
3 - Tiis
4 - Taneef
5 - Outside
6 - Yoon Wu Leer

Mar 24, 2020

RIP and Thanks Manu...

Manu Dibango
Super Kumba
1974(Lp rip)

01 Super Kumba
02 Kata Kata
03 Bwemba Na Bwemba
04 Mabola Mongo
05 Wasa N Dolo
06 Diboki
07 Soir Au Village
08 Wana Di Lambo

Thanks to original downloader


Mar 23, 2020

Re-Up - Baaba maal - Toure Remix

Baaba Maal
Toure Remix
1995 (Tape rip@224)

1 - Toure
2 - Ca et La
3 - Gorel
4 - African
5 - Ndakaru
6 - Baayo
7 - Mariama
8 - Thiaroye

Mar 22, 2020

Baster - Du passé au Présent (Misik la Réunion Since 1981) - 2007

Du Passé au Présent 
(Misik La Réunion Since 1981)
(2007 -Digital rip@320)

Baster from Reunion Island...
Iconic band active since early 80's
Great album. 


Mar 20, 2020

Le Bal de L'Afique Enchantée, Feat. Frédéric Joron (Ousanousava band leader) & Daniel Waro - Live Réunion Island 10/2015

Le Bal de L'Afique Enchantée 

Feat. Frédéric Joron (Ousanousava band leader) & Daniel Waro

 Video - Live Réunion Island 10/2015

  The afro-french band from the great France Inter radio show "l'Afrique Enchantée"Live @ Téat Sin Zil (Théâtre de Saint-Gilles - Réunion Island) 

with local guests Frédéric Joron (Ousanousava Band leader) & Daniel Waro - 10/2015

It was a great show! Hope you will enjoy this great succes hit, which has today become a standart for reunionese music

Take care of you all. Stay alive


Feb 15, 2020

Omar Pene & Le Super Diamono - Live @ Cabaret Sauvage (Paris 2004)

Omar Pene & Le Super Diamono de Dakar 
Live @ Cabaret sauvage 2004 -Paris 
(Soundboard Bootleg)

 Hello. It's such a long time... 
Anyway, just desire to share with you a good bootleg by the great Omar Pene & Le super Diamono from a 2004 show in Paris .
It's here and nowhere else...


Nov 30, 2014

Prophétie - L'Eternel

2004-2006? (Cd rip@256)

From Reunion Island, some perfect reggae. When I arrived on the island in 2006, we could still hear the band playing in various bars & partys. It was a great mixture between compositions and great classical covers.
Excellent Cd and very good memories.