Sep 12, 2012

Ifang Bondi - Mantra

Ifang Bondi - Mantra
1984 (Tape rip@192)

1 - Saya
2 - Dumo A Julo
3 - Ammagedeon
4 - Baro Wulo
5 - Chin
6 - Mantra
7 - 10th Anniversary

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  1. What a great album this is!! Mantra itself is straight onto my favourites, but I could easily put most of the others there too. It's great that they can be very committed socially/politically, as in Mantra, but never stop keeping the music very enjoyable. Thank you!!

    1. The then regime in The Gambia early 80s however didn't think our social/political commitment that great: Mantra was banned, so were many other of our songs. Eventually we were denied all airplay and performance facilities, forcing us to move abroad.

      The change of regime through a military coup in July 1994 didn't improve matters.
      Just our bad luck that we released 2 months before a CD "Daraja", the title song of which criticizes military coups. Guess how much airplay that song got...

      Badou Jobe / author of "Mantra"

  2. Another case of i-piracy, upload from an 80s K7.

    Why, oh why do you "aficionados" of African music hate us musicians so much that you deny us even the tiny amount of copyright royalties we would receive from legal iTunes sale of this album?

    Saya - title of one of the tracks - means Death. Had singer/composer Paps Touray duly received all royalties owed to him, he could have afforded proper treatment for his illness and would probably be still alive.

    Keep on illegal downloading our music. Keep on paying fortunes on eBay for bootleg copies of Ifang Bondi records. Keep on ripping us off.
    Enjoy Saya!

    Badou Jobe / Ifang Bondi

    1. Bonjour,
      Désolé, je n'avais pas vu que l'album avait été réédité sur Itune et retire donc le lien.

  3. Thank you, I really appreciate it!
    All the same you did purchase/upload/feature a pirate K7 instead of the legal LP (Interstate Records LPH2366, Holland1983+ Safari Ambiance103, France 1983) of which (used) copies have always been around, obviously with a far better sound quality.

    To confuse matters:
    every LP/CD/iTunes track of the Ifang Bondi album SARABA is strictly illegal, pirated from the original 1977 LP (Disques Griot GR 7603, Senegal 1977) and ever since exploited by the African music mafia, lately Cantos Music, who has put it out on iTunes.
    iTunes has become the biggest launderer worldwide of pirated African music. But that's another story.

    Enjoy legal music, so we can continue making more!

    Badou Jobe / Ifang Bondi

  4. Ifang Bondy your voice is just terrific. I am fund of African music but you are still one of the best !
    Thank you so so fo much for sharing your excellent music !!! And all the best