Sep 12, 2012

30 Ans de Musique - Hommage à Ndiaga Mbaye Vol. 2

30 Ans de Musique-Hommage à Ndiaga Mbaye Vol. 2
1997 - Jololi (Tape rip@256)

1 - Dabanne
2 - Beuguenala
3 - Yobalema
4 - Naniou Mougne

Lead Vocal : Ndiaga Mbaye - Vocal : Youssou Ndour - Vocal : Ndeye Marie Ndiaye Gaolo/Coumba Mbor Ndiaye/Gora Mbaye - Percussions : Mbaye Dièye Faye/Moussa Traoré - Guitare Solo : Jimmy Mbaye - Basse : Pathé Jassy - Batterie : Fallou Galas Niang - Claviers : Ibou Cissé/Moustapha Faye - Guest : Positive Black Soul


  1. Aduna - great to have you back. The 2 vols of Ndiaga Mbaye were a highlight of finding your old blog, it's good to see them back here, and Ifang Bondi too! Looking forward to discovering more old treasures with your guidance! Welcome back, and thank you for all the music.

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