Jul 22, 2013

Ismaïla Lô '81 - "L'Homme Orchestre" Gor Sayina

Ismaïla Lô '81
"L'Homme Orchestre"
Gor Sayina
1981 (Lp rip@320)

01 Tiedo
02 Ndaxami
03 Sey
04 Adou Calpe
05 Yaye Boye Balalma
06 Gor Sayina
07 Ale Lô
08 Woudje Yaye

1st Ismaël Lo's record...

This is not my own rip.
Thanks to original uploader...


  1. Wow! Thanks indeed, original uploader - and thanks too Aduna, this is an exciting find!

    1. You're right David, I made a translation mistake. Anyway i hope you'll like the record...

    2. Now I've (finally) listened to the LP - WOW, this is a great LP too! I've never really been a huge fan of Ismael, but if only he'd stayed with this style of music I'd have definitely been a big fan. "Ale Lo" is great, with some fantastic off-beat guitar work, and the whole of side 1 is excellent too. Thanks again for a great post!!