May 4, 2013

K-Tino - Ne pousse pas... Le bouchon trop loin

Ne pousse pas... Le bouchon trop loin
K7 NKL 055 (Tape rip@320)

01 Les jongleurs
02 Me ne fili
03 Ne pousse pas... le bouchon loin
04 Souma falack
05 Myone man nyui (les larmes d'un orphelin)
06 Non ma ane moan
07 Je sais que tu sais que
08 Pète pas les plombs

Hot Bikutsi... By hot K-Tino



  1. Super Merci pour ce post
    cette musique c'est du vrai bikutsi comme on aime au cameroun...
    Merci encore l'Ami
    Je suis un vrai fan de ton blog pour profiter de ta collection inedit de la musique camerounaise

  2. Many Thanks for your exceptionnal & superbe blog !!!!!!!!!

    I have a special request :

    Please,Did you have in your archives some Vinyl of this cameroonian musical group called " Golden Sounds " ?

    The vinyls are :

    1-) Golden Sounds ‎– Zangalewa (1988)
    2-) Golden Sounds ‎– Vol. 2 Casque Colonial (1987)

    These two albums were very very big successful in Africa and Latin America. Shakira released their song Zangalewa for the world's cup.

    Thanks in advance,
    God bless you brother :)

  3. Anonymous 1 & 2
    Thanks for your kind comments.

    Anonymous 2
    Sorry i don't get these vinyls.

  4. Oh man, I have been listening to this and it has been rocking my world. If it wasn't for the cheesy synths, it would be a five star recording. The guitars are incroyable! Thank you so much for laying this wisdom on the people.