Feb 2, 2013

Keng Godefroy - Yôna

Keng Godefroy
KG et GL 003 (Tape rip@256)

01 La vraie magie
02 Aimes-madame
03 Bon voyages
04 Yona
05 Ngne tchedjowan

06 Ou vas-tu? 
07 Blaise
08 Ayah Mbo
09 Pardonne ton mari
10 Suc Tédjo
11 La maladie c'est la maladie
12 Gnèwé Njdack
13 Laisses-moi Madeleine



 Bamileke's groove from Cameroun. 

I've bought this tape in Yaoundé or Bafoussam in 2003.

Try to recognize these two great Cameroonian artists,  represented on this bamileke royal house 




  1. No-one is guessing names?! I can't offer any sensible suggestions - they look like Salif Keita & (perhaps) Amadou Bagayoko to me, but neither is Camerounian unless they've fled the troubles in Mali & taken new citizenship :-)

    It's a great sculpture though, now I want to see all the others along the front of the house! I am also looking forward to Godefroy's music, thank you very much!


    1. I help you. The first one is a famous camerounian saxophonist...

  2. I'll take a risk - may be he's Manu Dibango??? Dut I always supposed he's from South Africa..

  3. WOW! I just prepare to meet with Manu Dibango "face to face". He will perform in African festival in Germany this May, and I already have the tickets!!!

  4. Might the guitarist with glasses, suggesting he's blind, be Andre Marie Tala?

  5. Many thanks Aduna !!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to get others awesomes cameroonians musics
    Please please please post them more more....

  6. Le second artiste est bien sûr André-Marie Tala : c'est écrit en toutes lettres sur le poteau!