Oct 1, 2012

Thione Seck & Le Raam Daan - ...dieulleul!

Thione Seck & Le Raam Daan
1988 - AB 002 (Tape rip@320)

1 - ...dieulleul!
2 - Domou Baye
3 - Khareby
4 - Gaye Massar
5 - Gadaay
6 - France
7 - Sandaga Dub



  1. One of Earth's greatest voices. THANKS.

  2. I was looking for this album for quite a while. This is Thione Ballago Seck at his best. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Many, many thanks for this truly great album. This man has one of the finest voices ever to emerge from Africa (Senegal).
    Id like to say that I really appreciate you and your posts, and I wish you good luck with this new blog.

  4. Great tape - thanks! Just listened to dieulleul, Diapason (Omar Pene) and Dikkaat (Youssou) virtually back to back, three great albums virtually next to each other in the alphabet as the singers are in real life - the Holy Trinity of Senegalese singers. Thanks for giving us so much of all 3 of them!!